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Parts and Equipment

Parts and Equipment

Forces Électromécanique supplies a wide range of parts and equipment essential to the operation of your production process. Our turnkey package ensures that your production line remains as profitable as possible. We take care of identifying the parts you need and installing them if necessary.

For even greater efficiency, we strongly advise you to keep certain key parts (even if damaged) in stock to facilitate the manufacturing of replacement parts.

We supply a wide range of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, including:

  • AC/DC motor and inverter
  • Motor control
  • conveyor (stainless steel and steel)
  • pneumatic and hydraulic tubes
  • security and perimeter parts
  • plastic parts
Parts and Equipment  Montreal

MK Technologies Aluminum Products

Forces Électromécanique is proud to offer MK products. These high-quality products are made of aluminum and are light, easy to assemble, seamless and durable.

Whether for conveyors, perimeter security or workstation, we are able to provide you with a turnkey solution or "kit to assemble".

Do not hesitate to contact us for information

concerning all the possibilities concerning the versatility of these products.